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MedTransSoft, LLC offers full medical transportation management software (MTS)

MedTransSoft version 1.6

• Computer Aided real time Dispatch (CAD) with real time directions.
• Geocoding with mileage calculation by Google Maps Engine.
• Automatic and semi-automatic billing to all payer sources.
• Standing orders - Auto schedule (Dialysis and non dialysis trips)
• Medi-Cal auto billing (NEMT and NMT) with auto TARs submission and auto posting of payments,      direct access to PAVE system.
• Real time vehicle tracking (5 to 10 sec locates) with tracking history and reports.
• Mobile apps - (Android, iOS) real time Driver schedule and real time navigation.
• Automatic trips download from major transportation brokers.
• Call The Car - Auto trips download, Auto Billing and On Scene time submission, direct access
   to provider portal, auto completion of Vehicle and Driver forms.
• Automatic trips download (Secure, ALC, MTM, LGTC, Access2Care)
• Scanning module with paperless office.
• Financial reports.
• Approved Reports for Medi-Cal audits.
• Employee time cards with tracking of Lunch hours.
• Vehicle maintenance reports and reminders, fuel consumption reports.
• Vehicle and Driver documents storage with reminder alerts
• Private billing and invoicing with auto price calculation. Customizable rate tables.

and much more...













Server Based with unlimited number of concurent connections.
Multi-Provider Support.

MedTransSoft, LLC