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MedTransSoft version 1.5
Medi-Cal, Medicare and Logisticare approved

Commercial Software + Mobile Apps
Designed exclusively for Medical Transportation and Ambulance Providers in California.

State of the Art Software created by the team with 20 years of experience

in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Ambulance industry.

The key features of the Software are:

Interactive Dispatch.
Integrated with Google Maps for Mileage and Addresses verification
Automatic Mileage and Directions.

Medi-Cal TARs, E-TARs and Billing .

Automatic E-TARs Submission and Status updates.

Medicare, Medi-Cal, HMO and Brokers Billing.
Automatic track of Crossover Claims and Patient Deductibles.

Complete integration with Medi-Cal, Medicare, Logisticare, and Clearing Houses portals
for verification of Patient's Eligibility, e-TARs and Claims Status.
Electronic Claims Submission to Medicare, Medi-Cal and Health Plans
Automatic posting of Payments from ANSII 835 Format file.
Print Electronic Remittamce Advises.

Private and Contracts Scheduling and Billing.
Complete Logs and Daily Schedules. Trip Logs and Driver Logs.

Various Interactive Reports.
Medical Clinics, Facilities, Hospitals Databases.
Automatic Scheduling of Dialysis Trips.
Vehicles and Drivers Database.
Employees Time tracking and Reports for Payroll.
Vehicle Maintenance.
Paperless Offiice Ready !!!
Built in Scanning module is designed to scan, store, view, print
and electronically exchange and upload all documents.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Network with up to 25 Stations.
Multi-Provider Support.

No extra charge for Additional Stations

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